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It is known by many names, but most importantly for bettors, it is known as the future of NFL wagering (and sports betting in general). It’s Live NFL Betting. It’s already huge in Europe and Asia (where it accounts for as much as 75% of the betting action) and it is coming, slowly but surely, to a sportsbook near you.

It’s betting during a football game, which is upsidedown for most traditional bettors who have always rushed to get their point spread and totals bets down before kickoff. Some were savvy enough to make some second-half bets after 30 minutes. But betting after kickoff and on just about every play and any outcome you can imagine?

It’s called live betting, in-game wagering and it means you can wager on whether the next play will be a run or a pass or whether the Patriots will score a touchdown on this drive. If the point spread opened at -6 for the Patriots and they score on the opening drive, the odds on their opponent will move quickly to +13.

Bovada Live – NFL Betting In Game

One of the premier gaming brands in the world continues to push and improve its product, both in terms of features and in volume of games it can offer. Bovada Live is a stylish product with an easy-to-manage interface.

They currently do not offer NFL betting every game on Sunday, but they choose several marquee games and always have the Sunday night and Monday night games well covered.

Add their 50% bonus up to $250 (some sportsbooks cap the amount at $50 or $100) and you have a terrific place to start your learning process for betting in game this NFL season.

For those who enjoy in game wagering all year long, they also offer MLB wagering, tennis live betting and select live soccer action as well. View a Live Demo Here!

SportsInteraction Live Betting on NFL

Another sportsbook looking to pioneer live NFL betting for North Americans is (who stopped taking US players in mid-2011).

Whether it’s tennis, baseball, soccer or pro football, they have raised the bar in terms of quality and speed.

On the NFL side, they offer many games and countless options and it will be interesting to see what they have in store for new players this 2011 season.

Fair bonuses like 100% up to a maximum of $100 help pad the bankroll of first-time live NFL betting customers. Check it out.


Bet365 Live Wagering

The best of the bunch as regards live betting on the NFL is, one of Europe’s biggest and most respected brands.

It also forbids US citizens from playing, but boasts a terrific live betting product that pushes algorithm odds on every game based on every play.

It’s an amazing thing to watch and it presents plenty of profit opportunities. Because of the huge amount of betting product, there is also opportunity to get caught up in the excitement.

They carry just about everything you can imagine on top of NFL live action. If you are a Canadian or international player, this is one of the best places to play. They have also been offering a wicked $200 bonus for new players.


Live Betting 101

Like anything new, there are unique opportunities and rules as well as risks. Be prepared to maximize your fun and profit and avoid the pitfalls. Click to learn more.

In-Game Wagering Advice

Before you start, why not scoop up as much advice as possible from those who already bet live on football? Check out helpful tips and hints from experts  here.

Live NFL Odds

Long before kickoff and NFL live betting starts, there are live odds to follow for your regular football wagers. Check out our football lines here.

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Live Betting on NFL

But while live betting on NFL and other games is the wave of the future and tremendously exciting, it is also risky for bettors who don’t manage their bankrolls or who get too excited in the heat of the action. While others have lost big during a day of live NFL bets, others have churned huge profits. Bettors watching the game can see momentum swings. They can see an injury to a key offensive lineman which has forced a run-heavy team to suddenly start passing. Can you profit from this information and put more money on the UNDER? Or more passing yards for the QB?Check out the various articles and links here on as we pledge to keep fans up to speed with the fast-moving and fast-betting form of NFL in game wagering. is a collection of sports data from several sports. It is presented for entertainment purposes and any use of any of the information to contravene any act, law or statute is expressly forbidden. The site is not owned by or endorsed by any pro or college league or association.